Schweitzer’s Plumbing Centre

Project Description

Art direction of this photo shoot was intented to show how completely obsessed Schweitzer Plumbing is about creating the perfect bathroom, and now kitchens, for their customers.  The Creative Direction was to show that his team lives and breaths bathrooms.  The idea of having them live and work in house coats was geared to create a strong visual to represent this.  Its fun and memorable – and just a little shocking.  The photo shoot not only went to create a brand but also to create content for Schweitzer Plumbing to use for their website, social media and in a print publication.

Project Details

Client Schweitzer’s Plumbing Centre
Date September 2016
Skills Photography
Creative Art Direction
Promotional Branding

Creative Direction & Image Creation

It’s important for me to capture the story, with a little bit of time and attention to detail and a well thought out plan we know that anything is possible!

Printed Publication

Good Company Magazine was created to shine a spot light on local entrepreneurs featured within it’s pages. It was a project that was all about share the stories about the good, local people focusing on audacious creative including bright and compelling image creation, complete storytelling with a solid distribution network throughout Waterloo Region.


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