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Client Murphy’s Law Distillery
Date September 2016
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It’s important for me to capture the story, with a little bit of time and attention to detail and a well thought out plan we know that anything is possible!

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Good Company Magazine was created to shine a spot light on local entrepreneurs featured within it’s pages. It was a project that was all about share the stories about the good, local people focusing on audacious creative including bright and compelling image creation, complete storytelling with a solid distribution network throughout Waterloo Region.


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Article Content

Interview and writing by Aaron Lundrigan

ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN – Murphy’s Law Distillery is the Most Authentic Moonshine this side of Mississippi


The old adage goes, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” but burgeoning businessman Ben Murphy hasn’t let those odds trip him up as he’s sought out a spot for Murphy’s Law – Ontario’s first and only moonshine-only micro-distillery – among Waterloo Region’s increasingly refined craft brew crowd.

Murphy hit the ground running when he first opened shop in Elmira in 2015, and he hasn’t looked back since. His journey into this unique industry, however, began several years before that, and exactly as you would hope from your friendly neighbourhood ‘shiner.

While attending university on a cross- country scholarship at a school in West Virginia, Murphy was paired with a senior member of his track team for training and orientation. What was immediately explained to him was that the university was dry – no alcohol was to be served or consumed anywhere on campus. What Murphy came to learn later was that his senior partner and soon-to- be-friend distilled and sold authentic southern-style moonshine.

Murphy was able to introduce his new friend and mentor to potential clients, and a partnership was born. For the next 4 years, Murphy would meticulously learn and practice the secrets of distilling moonshine, at one point even operating a still out of his residence bedroom, while obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree.

Now, back in Ontario and equipped with all the legal permissions to distil and brew his own unique brand of corn mash liquor, Murphy has continued to build on the quality and quantity of moonshine offerings available, fostering relationships with local ingredient providers such as Martin’s Family Fruit Farm.

Murphy’s Law offers five refined flavours on a full-time basis – Apple Pie, Peach Pie, Sweet Tea, Cherry Bomb and ‘shine classic White Lightnin’. The outfit also offers small-batch and contract distillations to interested parties, and has found success providing unique products for festivals and wineries.

Murphy’s experience and commitment to quality has earned his most popular product, Apple Pie, a much-vaunted place on LCBO shelves.

Always looking to see where his next step will land, Murphy has big plans for the future. “Our one year anniversary is coming up, and we’re launching three more flavours. You’ll have to come see what they are.”

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