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Visit their 1400 square foot upscale, bright and spacious boutique featuring a hand selected collection of brand new & pre-owned, excellent and mint condition, quality women’s clothing including casual and business attire, premium denim, evening and cocktail wear and furs, as well as shoes and accessories.

Project Details

Client Luxe Touch Designer Consignment
Date September 2016
Skills Photography
Creative Art Direction
Promotional Branding

Creative Direction & Image Creation

It’s important for me to capture the story, with a little bit of time and attention to detail and a well thought out plan we know that anything is possible!

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Good Company Magazine was created to shine a spot light on local entrepreneurs featured within it’s pages. It was a project that was all about share the stories about the good, local people focusing on audacious creative including bright and compelling image creation, complete storytelling with a solid distribution network throughout Waterloo Region.


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Article Content

Interview and Writing by Aaron Lundrigan

HAUTE COUTURE CAN BE YOURS – Luxe Touch Designer Consignment is Fixated on Luxury

Cyndee Lavoie’s love affair with sewing and fashion began at an early age, learning the craft at her mother’s knee from the tender age of five.  By the time she was 7, Cyndee was making Hallowe’en costumes for her family. At 13, she was commissioned to create her rst original dress.

She honed this passion while attending Sheridan College for fashion design, where she was rst exposed to haute couture (French for “high sewing”) garments by her instructor, who allowed her class to take apart her own Chanel jackets.

“It’s all about the construction of the garment,” says Cyndee. “I respect what goes into a quality piece.”

Luxe Touch Designer Consignment was born when passion met opportunity.

“I had a custom wedding gown business after college … one thing led to another… and then April Cornell, a well- loved French-Canadian designer, came along. I had the opportunity to acquire her one-of-a-kinds and overstock and sell them online.”  It was after she received a pair of Chanel sunglasses as a gift, however, that she rst felt the allure of owning her own couture clothing and accessories.


Using her online expertise, Cyndee began seeking out and purchasing gently used luxury brand goods. The rst, a Louis Vuitton handbag. And then another … and then one from Chanel. She was hooked.  Over the last 12 years she has created an international network of clients, contacts and other re-sellers, which keep her shelves full and her customers happy.

“I know clothing. I know couture. I know luxury goods. That’s my expertise.” This expertise, coupled with a consistent supply of quality used goods, translated into even greater online demand.

Cyndee and her daughter Lenore Margolese recently opened their rst brick and mortar storefront in downtown Preston.

“Consignment lets people afford the authentic piece they’ve always wanted and dreamed of” Cyndee says. “Our area is ready for this. People want luxury goods, but they don’t always want to pay the luxury prices.”

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