Take a minute and think about all the amazing people in your life and how much you want them to know your support and appreciation for them.  What if you could inspire them to Love the way they see themselves?  Help them see what you see; A strong, vibrant one of a kind individual that is really a gift to this world!

All I have ever wanted to do is make people feel good, inspire them to love who they saw in the mirror. Changing the world one attitude at a time by giving people the opportunity to celebrate who they are. My gift is, and has always been visual arts and photography, and being able to use these blessings is my ultimate “WHY”.  Together we will collaborating  with amazing people in creating an altering experience that will positively impact the world around US.  If you stand a little taller and prouder to be in the skin you are in  – you will continue to be an inspiration – not only to me but to those around you!

Now for all of you who are out there saying…I’m Too old

You are beautiful you always have been.  You are one of a kind and there will never be anyone on this earth like you… you deserve to see that it’s time to grab that attitude by the neck, look at it and say….”I’m worth it!”

wouldn’t feel comfortable being that exposed on camera…

You don’t have to be; The beauty of this whole thing is to make you feel good.  That means we will work together, you will be in control of your experience and we will collaborate to create your image to best reflect you.  Whatever that means! 
Or my ABSOLUTE Favourite… (which is the one I use all the time for myself)…
I just need to loose a few more pounds or I’m not photogenic or I hate pictures of myself.

That`s Me! A woman who has pretty much hated just about every picture taken of myself because all I could see were my flaws.  This was my moment to look fear right in the face and changed the way I saw myself.   Even as I post this blog I am worried about what people may say… but the honest truth of it all is that this photo & the experience of this photo shoot has left me feeling completely sexy, and classy, and in control;  It has given me the chance to appreciate what I see in a way that makes me not even think about comparing myself to anyone.
As Meghan Trainor says, “I Ain’t No Size 2″  – and the real trick to this all is proper planning and focusing on the things that I do like about myself, having a partner work with me and direct me through the photo shoot, as well as paying attention to most flattering poses. This was the secret recipe to creating the change in me that truly makes me love my curves.  These images just serve as reminders of how amazing this whole experience felt and continuously gives me positive energy every time I look at them.
I truly understand what it feels like and I want to share this experience with you.  Providing an opportunity for you to find YOUR #InspiringSexy image that you will not be able to wait to share with your friends, your partner… or on a blog so that everyone can see it… lol!
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